Christmas Decorating Trends 2010

Christmas is a time for traditions, but there are still new things to get excited about every year.  By blending the new with the old, the holidays can become more special for the adults and the basis of great memories for little ones.  Here are three trends to watch out for this year.

More is better.  Seen in major retailers and catalogs, the trend is still towards more and larger decorations.  Check out this triple wreath display from Lowes.


Unconventional color.  Sure, red and green says Christmas, but so do mulberry, blue, and even lime green these days!  The point is, whatever color makes you happy can be your go-to holiday star player or supporting actor.  Add fun color to your decades-old stash of holiday ornaments and enjoy yourself.  Like skirt lengths, anything that flatters you can be in style.  Thanks to Ashley Whittenberger of Interiority Complex for this fun tree montage.

three trees can symbolize three magi
Three trees can symbolize three magi and the triune God, or they can just be more colorful than a single tree.

Peace on Earth:

  • Shop local.  Go “unchained” and see what treasures are found on your local Main Street.  Last year I shopped exclusively within walking distance of my home and got some truly amazing finds.
  • Buy renewable.  Before you buy, consider the earth and it’s inhabitants (that’s you).  Great gifts are often something the recipient wouldn’t buy for themself.  Strive to go one better by considering gifts that are hand made, locally produced, made from renewable materials, or lightly and responsibly packaged.  A higher quality gift is sure to be more appreciated.
  • Give gifts with a past.  Consider passing on treasured family items at this time of year.  Or give gifts from second hand stores this season.  Not only is this a way to economize, but it is very eco-friendly as well.   Guideposts Magazine  (which is also a great gift subscription) printed a story called SecondHand Giving, which highlighted an entire family that agreed to gift only good-as-new treasures.  Even secondhand, gifts can be firstrate.

If you have more trends you are busting to share, please post them here.  We unabashedly celebrate Christmas at our house, so I wish you a Merry Christmas and peace of the season.