Garage: Where’s the Drama?

The project would not make a very good reality TV show, and that’s a good thing.  The new garage construction and garage-to-family room conversion is going largely according to plan.  The work is being done roughly on schedule, with just a few delays for weather and uncontrollable issues.  The original plan has been slipped a few weeks, but this was all communicated to the homeowners in writing, as it should be.  Inspections are going as planned.  The changes to the work plan are relatively minor and improvements, not concessions.  The work crew has always been courteous to both the family and neighbors.  What more could we ask for? 

Garage front porch. Cute as a cottage.

This week we saw a beehive of activity, as the brick continues to go up, final framing and electric is done, we we await the next round of inspections so the insulation and drywall can go in.  

The garage is starting to look like it’s own little cottage.  I was impressed with the entry way, now that some of the finishes are starting to be applied.  It looks like Hansle and Grettle could move right in.  But don’t be fooled by it’s sweet appearance.  J and I are both eagerly awaiting the high tech toy, the car lift, that is scheduled for just a couple of weeks from now.  Stay tuned.

Brick is going on the outside, and things are going according to plan.