Garage: Space to Spare

Future 2nd floor closet in Garage on the landing

This project has so many moving parts to it, and it will really add value to M&J’s property.  But all I can think about is where their storage spaces will go.  I’ve been eyeing up the small space under the stairs in the garage, because I really want that area to be very functional storage.  J gave me a tour of his future office this week on the second floor of the garage, and I was thrilled to see that the large area on the mid-level landing is being outfitted as a large storage closet.  This will be a great storage closet for seasonal decorations or J’s archived paperwork.  You can see in the photo the wire that is being run for lighting, which will be needed in this stairwell space. 

The man room itself sits in the peak of the roof, and is chopped by the gables and valleys of the roof.  There literally are no straight walls to add any storage to.  Furniture selection and placement are going to be a fun challenge in this unique room.

And in the new family room, there is still some discussion about how to best make space for coats and “stuff” that will be coming in the new back door.  

Remember that this project is severely limited by the lot lines and small footprint available for the garage.  The biggest space saver will be the car lift being installed in about 5 weeks.  This is a good example of picking your battles and using what you have.