Garage: Window Well

Windows! Yeah!

M and I agreed that this week the garage started to look like a real building. The big change was the windows, which were installed earlier in the week. If the eyes are the window to your soul, then the windows are the eyes of the home.

We had our windows replaced earlier this year, and you can read how that went at an earlier post. Although we are enjoying the benefits of windows that are a big improvement over our original models that were one hundred years old, we just this week continue to have installation and service issues with them. Like doors, windows should usually be installed by a professional with experience, because just the slightest adjustment can make the difference between correct and incorrect operation. There are also quite a few tools specific to the job that many do it yourselfers don’t have.

M & J only have four windows in this garage, but they still had to choose models that were going to be functional and energy efficient because, remember, J’s private office will be on the second floor, which we’ll be learning about before too long.