Do You See Things That Aren’t There?

Artists studio before organizing
Artists Studio Before

October is the time for ghosties and goblins. Fall landscapes and shadows give flight to the imagination. Do you see things that aren’t there? I do.

The picture at left is the artist studio that I recently had the honor of working in.  I have to admit that I sweat whenever I work with people who make their living from creative endeavors.  I want them to have a really inspiring space to enjoy.  This space had to do multi-duty as a studio, gallery, storage, relaxing, and entertaining space.  It took us 4 days of organizing, but I am thrilled to say the client loves it.  My greatest pleasure is that the client has her beautiful creations showcased for her visitors and for herself.

I not only see something that she didn’t see- how the space could look in just a few hours- but I also see the people that she will be gracing as she hosts parties and gatherings that she hasn’t been able to have in a while.  So as you look at the photo below, try to see the admirers that are gazing at her striking art.  If you can’t see the potential in your space, come attend a seminar or request a decorating consultation.  The only thing spooky about what you don’t see is letting your home go under-utilized.

Artists studio after organizing
Studio space to enjoy

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  1. Isobel

    Thanks for an amazing organize/redesign. Everybody that sees it says it was worth every penny. I love the functionality and the beauty of it. I am working in the studio every day now and can still get the bikes out easily on the weekends.

    1. heartworkorg

      Isobel, so glad you are transformed, just like your space. It often happens that way. When we get the “stuff” out of the way, our hearts have more room to create. What I keep thinking about, though, is that although we spent about half of of the time on this project organizing, you really parted with a small percentage of stuff that you started with. The transformation was really in the expert positioning and use of things you already owned, like the tall garden screen that never quite worked until we “quieted” it with tiny greenery touches. Thanks for letting me work with you on this great project!

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