Fave Organizing Tools Featured at “Best Of” Event

Getting organized is sometimes a process issue and sometimes a technical issue.  What I mean by that is sometimes you have trouble getting organized because you don’t know how, you never learned, or you don’t know where to start, and those are process issues.  In my experience, if this is you, you should find someone (a friend, relative or Certified Professional Organizer ® )who can help guide you through the organizing process.  Many people can learn or re-learn how to organize one space at a time and be successful.

But if you feel like you could be an organized person, but your environment is working against you, there may be a technical issue at fault.   Clutter needs solutions.  For instance, you can’t put things “away” if you don’t have any storage space.  You can’t put things on shelves if you don’t actually own shelves.  You can’t maximize all the storage space in a closet with just a simple rod and shelf.

At the recent “Best of Main Line Today” event, I was honored to earn a BOMLT award in the Personal Organizing category.  That’s me below on the right, with Kristy Cole  from Cole Wellness Spa, another Best Of winner.  I was thrilled to partner with www.ShopGetOrganized.com to showcase some really nice organizing tools that most people can use, and they won’t break the bank.  I’ve inserted links below to the items I’m about to share with you.  Below is a photo of my display booth, where a few of these great products were showcased.

Best of Winners 2010
Best Of Winners, Cole Wellness Spa (Left) and HeartWork Organizing (Right)
simple organizing tools
HeartWork Organizing booth

For closets, I love these linen organizers on the left.  How often do towels, sheets and personal care products end up in a jumble in the linen closet?  These organizers ship and store flat, which is great when you move, but they give you easy access through the front, so they are great for shelving.  And because you can store more vertically than horizontally, they can sometimes double your space, while keeping things naturally neat.

For shoes, I love these clear storage boxes, again because they ship and store flat, and they are very lightweight but durable.  You’ll use these to keep your special occasion shoes dust free, and they are great for storing special handbags and other seasonal items.  Because they are see-through, you might be able to skip the labeling, and stacking is a cinch.   For shoes you wear all the time, here’s another good bet that stores 30 pairs of shoes so that you can see them all at once.  My clients who have these absolutely love them!

Everyone has paper and office supplies, so here’s a happy way to store them.  These packs of plastic boxes are really attractive and a really nice size.  The colored boxes are great for home offices, and the black and white boxes might be good for a more traditional workplace.

But my absolute favorite item from this site is the seagrass filing box.  Two of them are stacked on the right below.

affordable paper organization
Boxes for getting papers organized

It is a great price at $15 and there is no assembly required!  It goes with almost any type of decor.  I love that it has handles, so you can take it with you wherever you want to sit and go through your mail.  And it is built to hold hanging file folders.  I use this paired with the FreedomFiler system, which has literally changed lives.  By the way, I teach how to set up this FreedomFiler system during on-site classes.  If you are interested in a webinar series where you would set up your own personal FreedomFiler system with professional assistance, please email me so I can let you know when I’ll be offering this next.

I want to thank Nicole at Taylor Gifts and www.ShopGetOrganized.com for allowing me to showcase these great items.  If you find that any of these products will fix your technical issues, please use my secret code (HEARTWRK) to get 10% off your order.  Remember that shopping is STEP FOUR of the getting organized process.  I know the shopaholic readers will frown at this, but it really is true.  Shopping as step one will likely lead to more clutter, not more organization.   But with a little planning, remember that you are just one day away from a more organized life. ©   If you like the tools and ideas shown here, there are two ways to get more.  You can scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on RSS to enter your email, and you’ll get new posts from this blog.  Even better, click here to be added to our database, and start receiving a monthly newsletter with free organizing and decorating info, as well as updates from this blog.