How to Have a Home Gym Haven


For this redesign, we got hard core.  There was a lot at stake, and we didn’t want to end up with anything less than a hard working home workout space for this basement home gym

basement home gym
the bones of our makeover
Like all great redesigns, we started with function.  Knowing that the room was going to be used 80% of the time or more for just working out, we agreed that one existing large piece of furniture would go, and all the rest would be relegated to a smaller footprint.  The workout gear got positioned in the best spot for ventilation and access to power outlets.  And a large floor area was left clear or accessible for floor exercises.
home gym after organizing in basement
Now this room has some muscle.


But this space also had to house a TV and a small sitting area.  So the TV stand was purchased to allow for storage and swivel, so it could easily be seen from either the workout or seating area.  A fun wall clock was purchased by the homeowner on a whim, and really tied together many of the color elements.  Storage was provided for in woven baskets placed under chairs.
clock in home gym
Function, function, function!


But it had to be more than just a gym.  We had to use the existing sofas and make them work in the space, too.  Rearranged and slip-covered, they worked great.
Multi-function, with enough room for the Total Gym
Even though this room has great overhead lighting, lamps were strategically brought in to add both task lighting and style.  Since the overheads are hot, the client often turns them off when she works out, so auxiliary lighting was a must. That’s Charlie, our design assistant, on the right.
ligting in a home gym, after organizing
That’s Charlie, our design assistant, on the right.
The homeowner wanted to tilt the style of the room towards water and shore, evoking a spa feeling, but still grounded in her mission-style furnishings.   We started the transformation by swapping a complimentary color scheme of red and blue for a calm, layered blue, green and chocolate brown analogous color scheme.
What really pulled it all together were her many peices of art, most of which had been stored for a long time.  We hung some of the art higher than normal to both create a focal point upon entering the room and to clear the visual line of the equipment.  We also gave some visual weight and natural style by hanging some similar smaller peices together over the top of (decorator secret coming up here…)  woven placemats.  We hung other art in groupings that supported the various water-vignettes that emerged in her pieces.
home gym after organizing, with art
High flying fish are needed to clear the height of the gym equipment.

This home gym has function, style, and plenty of space to get down…and still get back up again. Let’s get to work!


home gyme after organizing basement

Do you have dreams of setting up a home gym in your basement? I hope this redesign gives you inspiration to make it happen. 

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How to Have a Home Gym Haven

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  1. Joyce Siegel

    I really like what you did to Joann’s house and basement. I was there last September and thought the arrangement of her furnishings really looked nice!
    Great job on the bedroom closet, as well. I stayed in the basement with my doggie (away from Charlie and Ceilia!) and Joann said you’d be redecorating the area to make it a work-out friendly environment. Love the photos. The place looks great! Can’t wait for July til I can see it and stay in there once again. I know I’m going to love it!!


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