10 Ways to Get Organized in 2010


  1. Have a goal.  Be specific (I want to clear my desktop) rather than vague (I want my office to look nicer).
  2. Have a plan.  Chose one project at a time and work on that project until it is done. Work from right to left, A to Z, top to bottom, or some other reasonable approach so you can see results as you go.
  3. Have a way to deal with distractions.  Let voice mail take your calls, farm out the kids, eat before you start, whatever it takes to allow you to get down to business.
  4. Have a cheerleader.  Recruit a good friend, a willing relative, or a certified professional organizer ® to help you move through your project.  They don’t have to work with you;  they just have to keep you moving and focused.
  5. Have a sense of humor.  Laugh at the fashions and bloopers from the past, but separate plain old history from precious memories, and save only what makes you smile.
  6. Have an eye for design.  Once you can see your stuff, you can showcase it.  Chose attractive, updated designs to bring your memories and useful stuff in to the forefront.
  7. Have a goal of going green.  Re-use containers, labeling materials, and display items as much as possible.  And after an organizing project, resolve to reduce the amount of stuff that you allow to come in to your life. Use online services and thrift stores to both give and take.
  8. Have a budget.  To really make a change, you may need to fix, add to, update, or improve the function of your stuff.  Determine in advance what you can spend.
  9. Have a communication plan.  If you share your space or stuff, make sure others know that you are getting organized, and what they can do to help you.
  10. Have a reward in mind.  A beautiful, organized closet may make you smile each time you enter.  Or chose a fun reward, such as a coffee date with a friend.  Just don’t reward yourself by shopping for more clutter.