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Sticky Plastic and How to Fix It

Sticky Plastic and How to Fix It

You find the darndest things when you are organizing, and not all of them are good. There are plenty of good things to stick to, but plastic gadgets aren’t on the top of the list. If you have something that is oddly sticky, here’s how to clean plastic that has become sticky, like remote controls and hard plastic toys.

How to fix sticky plastic


I have this lovely Bose stereo that really does sound amazing, but lately I didn’t want to go near it because the controller for it was sticky on the back. Yuck.

Sticky Plastic and How to Fix It

I’ve seen this happen before to client’s things, especially old toys, dolls, and game console controllers. After a little research, it seems that some plastic items might have some sort of coating that breaks down over time, and becomes sticky. The trick is to clean off the coating. I tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, which didn’t help at all.Sticky Plastic and How to Fix It remote cntrol

Orange essential oil is great for removing price stickers, and it also worked a bit here, but it’s kind of an expensive solution.

orange oil cleans sticky plastic

What worked the best was good old baking soda and water.

baking soda cleans sticky plastic

Mix just a pinch of each to form a paste, then scrub the sticky plastic item with bare hands. It worked like a charm. Avoid the impulse to reach for a green scrub pad, because that will scratch the plastic.

baking soda works to clean sticky plastic

I probably used less than a teaspoon of baking soda to clean the back of this hard plastic remote control. It took me about 10 minutes to get the whole thing cleared. You can see it in action here on the right side (below).

cleaned sticky plastic with baking soda

If you tackle electronics, be sure to wipe out the battery compartment and let it dry, or you’ll be dealing with other problems before long.

cleaning sticky plastic and battery compartments

I was really thrilled with how easy this solution was. Some things that develop a sticky film really are outdated, and that sticky film might just be nature’s way of telling you to declutter, but that wasn’t the case for the remote control of my beloved stereo.

cleaned and fixed sticky plastic

Do you keep things for a long time? Have you ever run into the problem of some hard plastic item developing a weird sticky coating? Did this solution work for you, too?

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