Home Staging

Home Staging

How do you get the fastest sale at the highest price without breaking the bank? A picture tells the story.

Home Staging makes your home appealing to the most buyers. Staging is the process of creating the possibility of the perfect home. It is making high-impact, low-cost updates to create the “bling” without the “ca-ching”. Click here if you are ready to get started.  

Doesn’t my realtor “stage” my home? Realtors are excellent marketers, and many provide advice about improvements before listing.  But you (not the realtor) will arrange for the work.  Show off the benefits of the home and not your stuff.  Don’t you already have enough going on during a move? Let us come in and create the emotional appeal to convert showings to offers.


I’ve already organized and cleaned out my closets.  Isn’t that enough? Staging begins when you finish organizing.  Through the magic of placement, expert use of color, and accessorizing, your house can become the model home that today’s buyers are looking for.

Isn’t staging just something the industry invented? How often do you make snap judgements and have first impressions?  Every day!  In the blink of an eye, our brains make decisions that we may never be able to verbalize.  Statistics show that buyers form an opinion of a house in just under 15 seconds. Home staging creates an excellent first and last impression that turns prospects into buyers more willing to pay your target price, and studies show it can cut the time on the market in half.

Can I afford to stage in this market? Can you afford not to?  Staged homes sell faster and for more money.  Following a simple process based on 6 key criteria, we’ll work within your budget.  Staging is all about return on investment.  Save on mortgage payments by selling faster.  Get back to your normal life by getting through the move quickly.  Outshine the competition in this fierce market with help from HeartWork Organizing.

Listen to the South Jersey Real Estate Show, where Darla talks with radio hosts and Weichert Realtors about Home Staging.

How much is this going to cost? A staging reports specific to your home starts at just $180.
Room-by-room or whole-house staging starts at just $525.  Compare that to one extra mortgage payment or one price reduction, and then Click Here for a no-obligation consultation.

A small investment now can earn thousands more on the sale!