photo organizing resources

Just click on the links below to access these important photo organizing resources:

Affiliate links are included.

Carbonite Backup (best for PC’s)

Backblaze Backup (best for Mac’s)

Mylio cross platform digital photo backup and storage solution

Legacy Boxes

Picture Keeper 250,000 Photo Backup Device

Lyve Home Photo and Video Manager, 5″ Screen, 2TB Storage, 549x960px, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI, USB 2.0

Dropbox cloud drive (not a recommended backup, but useful for moving photos from one device to another)

Shutterfly Special Offers. Save up to 50% on selected items such as photo books, calendars, wall art, photo gifts, and more. Offers change frequently.

HelpDotNow, Jim Haupt, in-home and remote computer services.

Nick Kelsh’s photography courses (some free)

Photo Organizing Webinar  If you want the quick version of what you should be using to store, organize and share your photos, visit You can see why if you want to skip to about 32 minutes into the webinar (below). Otherwise, there’s 64 minutes of goodness covering physical photos, digital photos, and more in this photo organizing webinar. Feel free to email me if I didn’t answer your question.