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How to Make Christmas Card Address Labels…Digitally

How to Make Christmas Card Address Labels…Digitally

One of my favorite projects is helping people organize their holiday card list. It is pretty common for us to work with families who either stopped sending holiday cards altogether, or in a few cases, they printed photo cards for several years and never sent them because addressing large numbers of envelopes became too much of a chore. There they sit, paid for and holding down one end of the family desk. Sigh.

Holiday Tip- Make Holiday Cards Easy


Sound familiar? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got tutorials for you, no matter what system you use. Just click the link below that applies to you, and make this the year that you get organized to quickly and easily send out gorgeous holiday cards.

Printing out dozens or hundreds of labels can be a little daunting, but if you really want to enjoy the Christmas card tradition, take 10 minutes, and solve this problem for this and future years using these links.

For families who are all-Apple/Mac: Create your holiday group in Mac Contacts. Then print your list from the Mac onto mailing labels like this.

For families for are iPhone only, no computers.

For families who rely on Google Contacts.

For families who are most comfortable with an Excel spreadsheet.  It’s tempting to print this list off and write in addresses, but don’t do it! Save this file to your computer and fill it in online. Then you can do cool stuff with it, like print out batches of labels (below).

For Outlook users, especially if you manage holiday cards for your business.

When you have all of your addresses together in your contacts, head over to to create your address labels for your entire list in just a couple of clicks. This address label template uses Avery 5262 labels, which you can buy online at your local office supply store, but you can easily select another Avery item number for the labels that you might already own. Just a reminder, before we print out actual labels, we always print just the first page on regular paper, to check and make sure that everything lines up correctly.

Do you need pointers on how to simplify your holiday and Christmas card address labels? Shout out in the comments, and I’ll get back to you.

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