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Posted on: October 8th, 2015 by Darla | No Comments

Some of you wanted to see exactly what I was packing on my long trip to Paris. For 3 weeks, I was trying to adhere to the 5-4-3-2-1 packing plan so I could fit everything in just one carry on bag, without having to wear all black. I got pretty close.

What to pack for a long trip to Paris

I was reading that Europeans still dress up compared to American styles, so I wanted to take more dresses. I started with these 4, plus one I’ll show you in a bit.
What to pack on a long trip

4 shirts, mostly sleeveless, only one of which is a black t-shirt.

3 bottoms (one maxi skirt, one short skirt, and one pair of cropped pants).

2 light sweaters.

What to pack on a long trip (4)

1 scarf.

1 swimsuit with a cover-up that can double as a dress all on it’s own (That makes 5 dresses).

1 nightie and robe.

What to pack on a long trip- extras

3 pair of shoes that are all very comfortable, light and good for walking.

What shoes to pack on a long trip to Paris

My travel outfit is the maxi skirt, blue t-shirt, and the larger Dansko sandals on the left. All super comfy.

Sure, I could economize just a teensy bit more, but when it all fits in one carry-on and still leaves a little room for shopping, why?

What to pack in a carry on for a long trip to Paris

If you want to see if this wardrobe held up for my long stay in Paris, check out my Instagram.

What do you think. Could you pack like this for a long trip?

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Can you tell I’m in denial about fall? Pumpkins have been haunting Pinterest since July, and I’m just now getting around to it. But it’s finally time to organize and decorate for fall. Here’s a short list of organizing must-do’s this fall.

  1. Decorate your front porch. You can do it up big or keep it small, with these ideas from Jillian and a bunch of my blogging friends. Fall-Front-Porch-Ideas from iamahomemaker
  2. Get your car in the garage. I have plenty of ideas to help you organize the garage and store things like bikes. Trust me, you’re going to love this fun tip for helping kids with where to store their bikes, skateboards, and anything else they need to park.organize the garage for fall
  3. Flip your wardrobe for fall. Or not. I personally can’t keep up if I have to do the summer/winter changeover. See how I organize my complete wardrobe in about 6″ of space. (One of my tips in this article has been shared and pinned worldwide!)
  4. Change your menu and bring out the slow-cooker. You can search my site for all sorts of crock-pot and slow-cooker recipes. This Easy Fall Squash Soup is one of the most simple and one of my favorites. Slow Cooker squash soup for fall
  5. Add more lighting. You can check out the 5-part lighting series I did a while back, adding more light fixtures to my home to combat the winter low-light. You’ve probably just about completely switched over to those swirly CFL bulbs by now, but I have a new favorite. GE LED Bright Stik
    are amazing! These LED’s give out a beautiful clear light, they last 13 years (No more wasted pantry space from hoarding light bulbs!!!), and they only cost a few dollars. Yes, they are a new shape, but it’s oddly pleasing, and not weird like those curly bulbs. Seriously. Check them out. I’m in love!GE Reveal LED bulb lighting update


Fall is a busy time, so maybe you don’t do all of these right now, but just one or two or these fall organizing must-do’s are sure to make your life easier.

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My laundry “room” is right in my kitchen, so any little organizing upgrade makes me happy about a dozen times a day. This time, I repurposed a plastic pretzel can into something super useful.

These pretzel rods are yummy, so we go through quite a few each year.

repurpose pretzel can for trash bags

They are a great size, and useful for storing all sorts of things, like bath toys. No upgrading needed.

repurposed pretzel can for organizing

But with a little contact paper, I finally had the best little spot on my laundry shelf for the rolls of trash bags that we buy. I already had the contact paper, which I used to re-cover some office storage. I just covered the outside of the container and stashed the trash bags inside. It just looks pretty.

repurposed trash bag holder

What have you repurposed lately to help you with organizing?


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There’s starting to be a chill in the air where I live, and like most folks, I’m swapping my iced beverage for a hot one. I’m always looking for ways to make my crowded kitchen Lazy-Susan cabinet work harder, and trying to cute-it-up at the same time. Now I have a cute little place for organizing tea bags right at my fingertips.

tea bag organizer for Lazy-Susans

I had been wanting a better tea-storage solution ever since I spied this little tea bag organizer, but I knew I could come up with something even better.

Supplies for Tea Bag Organizer for Lazy-Susan

This easy little DIY only took a few supplies and a few minutes at home.

tea bag organizer DIY supplies

I started with a galvanized tin sign market from Michaels. I was planning on hanging it with a 3M Command Hook, but by a happy accident, it slides in place perfectly.

back of tea bag organizer for lazy-susan

Next, three paper boxes from the craft store (about $2 each) got a little label on the short side. I stamped them “MORN,” “NOON,” “NIGHT” to separate the types of teas I usually have on hand. I stuck these on with Satin Decou-Page, which I’ve been using in quite a few projects lately.

letterpress lables for DIY tea bag organizer

You could easily use pre-cut blackboard stickers, or freehand some chalkboard lettering if that’s your thing. (Emily from Two Purple Couches, I’m looking at you.)

labels for DIY tea bag organizer

On the long/back side, each box got 2 strip magnets. These were self-adhesive, but I applied a little Decou-Page just to be sure they would stick.

magnets hold the DIY tea bag organer for lazy-susan

That’s pretty much it. Now I can remove all that extra packaging and half-empty tea boxes. My little tea boxes are up off the shelf, and are even cute enough to sit on the table and let a guest choose their own tea.

Tea Bag organizers for lazy-susan

Like it? Please pin it.

tea bag organizer for Lazy-Susan

You can see I’m trying to pretty up the rest of my lazy-Susan by transferring other products into old sauce and salsa jars, like I did in my organized pantry.

how to organize the pantry

If you are trying to kick the coffee habit like I did, try out this Chai Latte recipe, which I am also mixing ahead of time and storing in a jar in my organized Lazy-Susan.

Chai Latte Recipe


Does this idea solve a problem in your corner cabinet, Lazy-susan or pantry?


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If you are lucky enough to have a glass front cabinet or glass front display case, you may be thinking they are impossible to keep organized. But using this one little trick, your glass front cabinets can look super organized all the time.

Glass front cabinets before:

organizing glass front cabinets

Here’s the trick: Mix and match brightly colored basket, which you can use to store all of your stuff, and amaze your friends with how organized you are.


organizing glass fron cabinet

There. Don’t you feel happier and instantly more organized?

Have you used this one simple trick to organize glass front cabinets?