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Posted on: April 17th, 2014 by Darla | 1 Comment

Yes, I really do have a thing for shiny things, and Rust-Oleum is feeding my obsession with their new Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect.

DIY Mirror vases

Remember way back when I perked up my living room? I got these pretty baubles at HomeGoods, and I paid a pretty penny for all that glitz.

metallic finish decor items

But I had seen pretty vases at Haven conference done up with the newest Rust-Oleum finish, and I had to try on my own. I took some pretty plain glass items, and prepped them to be sprayed on the inside:

mirror paint

Yes, I’m super glad it’s spring. I may or may not have done part of this project in 60-second intervals in the snow earlier this year. Do any of my spray-painting addict friends want to give me a shout out on this approach???

turning vases into mirror finish

To use this new product, you have to use a super light touch. It takes about 5 coats to get your items nice and even and shiny like you see here on the left, but it’s really just like any other spray paint. The little bowl on the right was still drying, but did shine up just fine. The standard-issue square vase on the left was absolutely beautiful. Do you know how hard it is to get good photos of mirrored items???


mirror finish vases

It showcased my winter greens.

glass vase with mirror finish

And it now hold spring silks for an Easter centerpiece.

Easter centerpiece with mirrored vase

Rust-Oleum Mirror Finish (43)

It can scratch if you scrape it with stems or floral wire, so Rust-Oleum recommends finishing the exposed side with a regular spray paint for durability. I covered mine in a white on the inside surface.

I’m loving that this little paint can turn a thrift-store vase into something special and shiny. I will be using this on a few other projects coming up, as well.

I hope you love the new and shiny things shared here. If you like this idea, I’d love to hear what you would try it on. If you leave a comment below, you can even win a can of your own! I hope to choose the winner May 19.

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MOS cord organizer

Thompson’s Fabric Seal

Get “Reel” About your Family’s Home Movie Legacy book









Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Darla | 6 Comments

File this under something you didn’t know you needed, but do. The MOS Cable Organizer system is pretty cool.

I’ve talked about cable clutter before. I hate cables, and I hate looking at them. When I did my own office redesign, I solved this problem for myself with a series of 3M Command Hooks mounted on the far side of the desk you’ll never see.

Cable organization using 3M Command Hooks

This is a far better solution than the usual…none, which leaves cables ratted up on the desk and the floor.

But then I received this:

MOS Cord Organizer

The MOS (Magnetic Organization System) keeps cable clutter off the floor and in easy reach using magnetism.  It is in fact the only cable organizer that Apple will sell in their stores in North America. If you’ve ever had problems with cable clutter on the floor or if you’ve had to reach behind furniture to get your smartphone’s charge cable then you are familiar with the problem that this solves. You can see it here:

This organizer was designed to be in plain sight and keep your cables off the floor. It sits on the desk or attaches to the wall with the included 3M Sticker. (Looks like they are onto me.)

cord organizer

According to MOS, it will not damage electronic devices.  If you put the MOS directly on top of or underneath an electronic device, such as a laptop or hard drive, this could potentially be damaging to the device. However, if you set the MOS right next to an electronic device it will not harm the device in any way. Check out the following link for more information about using magnets alongside electronic devices.

The MOS combines innovation and elegance into a useful and easy to use device, which is why it is the only cable organizer that Apple sells in its stores. A lot more detailed information on the MOS is available at our website at

Even more than the office, I think the MOS MENOS might just be essential equipment for the car.  In April, they will officially be launching the MOS Menos, a smaller version of the MOS ideally suited for using it in your car.  Gone will be the days of having to fumble after your charger cords while driving.  You will be able to stay organized in your car as well as in your home or office.

I really like the sleek, Apple-esque design of the MOS, but lucky for you, I already have my handy 3M Command Hooks within reach, so I am giving away my sample.

WIN your own MOS

Just leave a comment on this post, tell me where you would use this, and I’ll randomly select a winner on May 12 (subject to my site policies and disclosures).

So leave your comment to win your own MOS. Where would you use this?

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Thompson’s Outdoor Fabric Seal
Get “Reel” About Your Home Movie Legacy book Giveaway

Posted on: April 11th, 2014 by Darla | 2 Comments

This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own.

Garage Organizing Tips

It’s April, and we’re organizing garages again. Need some inspiration? It doesn’t have to take all day. We spent 4 hours with only 2 people, and did this.


3 cute garage organizing ideas


Want some DIY Garage Organizing tips?

garage organizing for bikes
1. Coral the wheelies. We used patterned duck tape to create parking lanes for the bikes.You might not be able to see it, but it’s “peace sign” duct tape. Because we want peace in the garage!

2. We’re looking into this solution for those evil little razor scooters. But for now, we’re stashing them in the party tub. It’s not perfect, but it gives something for the kids to shoot for.

garage organizing for razor scooters
3. What’s the last step in our how to organize SPACE formula? Say it with me. Establish a maintenance plan. In this case, label the heck out of it. We used self-stick card stock to labels both the gear bins and the shelves they go on. Putting away should be a snap.

garage organizing for toys

Very little got thrown out in this garage, but what did go will get donated. Not feeling the organizing mojo yet? Here’s a great excuse to get on it: Your donation of used clothing or household goods to Goodwill helps create jobs directly in your community. You get a tax deduction, and the community gets services.

Calculate your donation impact. ( The results might surprise you.



That’s right: Donate Stuff. Create Jobs. Your donations support people who are seeking to earn jobs and build careers. See how it works in this video.

The weekend’s coming. I hear it’s going to be biking weather soon. Give me a shout out when you organize your garage. I’d love to see your finished project!

Posted on: April 10th, 2014 by Darla | 13 Comments

Last fall I found a product that I absolutely wanted to share with for your spring projects…Thompson’s  WaterSeal Fabric Seal.

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

We have a patio that we don’t use nearly as much as we’d like to because it isn’t covered, and the chair cushions get wet. We mostly bring the cushions inside, and drag them out only when we dine picnic-style. But that’s a chore, and who wants one more chore, right?

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

When I was at Haven conference last summer, I saw their demo and stopped dead in my tracks. Then I kind of badgered the Thompson’s rep until they sent me some to try.

  • Prevents Water Damage
  • Resists Color Fading (with UV protection)
  • Repels Spills and Stains

The directions say to do a water test first. If water soaks into your cushions and leaves a dark mark, then they need treatment. If water beads up, then you are probably ok for now. I checked two sets of my cushions.

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

After two applications on both sets…WE HAVE BEADING!

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

It only took two cans to completely cover both sets of cushions. I may have done 3 coats, just to use up what was left in the can.

So this summer we can leave the cushions outside. Where they belong. Which is good because Bob, the neighborhood cat, has decided he likes the chairs better with the cushions.

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing
You might be on the verge of investing in new patio cushions yourself. Thanks to the generosity of the Thompson’s folks, I have a couple of cans left over, and I want them to go to a good home.You might have trouble finding this is in stores this early (although I hear it is now at Lowes and on Amazon Thompsons Fabric Seal), but you can get yours here. If you could use this awesome idea over at your place, just enter the Rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway

And I’ve got plenty more giveaway goodness going on. Be sure to enter to win the book on preserving your family’s video and film memories.

Posted on: April 8th, 2014 by Darla | 5 Comments

While at the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) conference earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Rhonda Vigeant in person. I’ve kind of been stalking her for about the last two years. Not only is she an expert in the field of home movies and small format film (8MM and 16MM), she’s about as nice as anyone can possibly be. She is passionate about getting all of us to get “reel” about our home movies and save them for the next generation.

Rhonda Vigeant at APPO


She has graciously given me a copy of her book, Get “Reel” About your Home Movie Legacy, to give away. I read it on the plane ride home from the APPO conference, and I know that many of you are going to love this book. It’s not exactly a how-to, because companys like Rhonda’s firm Pro8MM takes care of that for you. It’s more like a kick in the butt to go and find those films and take the next step.Organizing Photos and Videas, APPO

My family didn’t actually do home movies, but I’ve come to love home movies through the digitizing projects that clients have entrusted to me. These films are 40, 50, 60 years old. They show a relatively innocent time in our country (and in our families). They are also, for the most part, blessedly silent. Although, as Rhonda points out in her book, some of those old 8MM films do have sound strips, so don’t chance the digitizing process to a firm that isn’t able to transfer that for you.

Rhonda shares expert information in her book, like:

  • how to figure out what kind of film your family might have stored away
  • how to go about deciding what to transfer into digital formats
  • how to get the whole family involved in this project
  • how to commercialize your family archive, if you choose to do that.

She helps you understand what is possible with digital editing of your transferred content. And she is actively seeking archiving solutions so that our current digital films, what we all call video, isn’t lost due to carelessness or technology shift.

This book was really an eye opener for me. Whether you are someone with a family treasure trove of film that has been or will soon be passed down to you, or you are a photo preservation enthusiast, Get “Reel” will give you great information to wrap your head around.

photos and films preserved

I’d like to send you a copy of Get “Reel” About your Home Move Legacy. Just leave a comment below, tell me anything about your home movies or photos, and I’ll pick a random winner on April 30.

It might be a while since you’ve seen or even thought about those old films. Who was usually behind the camera? Do you think they are still in good shape? Who has most of them in your family. Do share. Any comment below enters you with a chance to win the book.