How to Get Organized Using What You Have

How to Get Organized Using What You Have

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get organized. In fact, you shouldn’t have to spend anything when you get organized using what you have. The average home has more than enough organizing products already…even if you didn’t buy them at the big box store. Look around your house to see what you already own that can work when organizing your home. Here are just a few examples from my own blog over the years.

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Votive holders as makeup organizers.

bathroom medicine cabinet organizing with metal cups

CD boxes to organize the freezer. “File” your veggies.

bins to organize the freezer

Baskets to store towels as wall art.

Basket with towels mounted above toilet


Mason jars for…everything, including office supplies. Yes, you can paint them.

Home Office Makeover in Coral and Blue-mason jars holding office supplies


Magazine files to hold plastic wraps on the counter. You can take it one step further to cut and cover cereal boxes into magazine holders, but that’s really hard core DIY when magazine holders are so inexpensive.

magazine holder as organized storage for plastic wrap and plastic bags


Magazine files also make great mail slots for each family member.

tips for paper in mudroom organizing

Drawer organizers from tissue boxes or…wait for it…cream cheese boxes.

recycle to organize


Baby bins repurposed to hold bath items.

organizing tips


Trash bag holder from a pretzel can.

repurposed trash bag holder


Shoe storage from a tote bag. And you’ll need to BYO for this one. 😉

use wine case dividers to organize shoes


Doorway ribbon holder from a tension rod.

how to organize the linen closet storing ribbons


Rolling boot tray from an old drawer.


Trinket tray from leftover marble or granite. 

Marble tray DIY upcycle to display jewelry


One last thought…organizing items mentioned here are mostly for smaller groupings. When it comes to bigger storage, don’t go out and buy plastic, if you can manage it. Go through your drawers and closets first. Chances are, you’ll be able to free up space in the furniture you already own. Or if you need four or more medium-to-large bins, see if a dresser or furniture item might work better for you. Something that you re-use or purchase second hand can be a much better value all the way around.

This is the “seasonal” aisle at Target this month. Yes, those bins look so seductive! All nice and clean…they stack nicely, and they hold such promise. But I have seen the seedy side of plastic. The cracks. The lost handles. The lost lids. The unstackables. January is called Get Organized month #GoMonth, not plastic bin month. Save yourself some money, and save the planet, and get organized using what you have before you buy more plastic.

plastic bin storage for organizing your home


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