The Little Kitchen that Could (and Did!)

The Little Kitchen that Could (and Did!)

We’re always about inspiration, and this little project with a big impact is sure to inspire. I’ll write more about this whole project later, but here’s just a peek at this kitchen that we redesigned and staged this spring. The spoiler…the house sold for FULL LISTING PRICE the day before it was to formally go on the market! That’s a win for us as the stagers, and for the whole team who worked on it, including the contractors, the homeowner, and the agent.

Here’s the kitchen before:

kitchen redesign before

And without further ado….

Kitchen Redesigned Staged Sold

Same footprint. Same cabinets. New paint, New appliances. New flooring. And my favorite, “new” counters from EZ Faux Decor,  which just took a few hours to DIY. Wait…what????

I’ve gushed over these great faux granite and marble and stainless films before. They are perfect for a high-impact, durable, semi-permanent project like this. Here’s a close-up of what the counters looked like before:

faux granite counter going over laminate counter

Older laminate is almost always damaged, but it can still be a strong base for a new look. Those are burn marks on the old laminate. The new faux marble film is peeking in from the left, before it was installed.

damaged laminate improved with EZ Faux Decor


ez faux decor faux granite going over laminate



faux granite and faux marble after

That shine gets me every time! See that bright spot right in the middle of the counter? That’s how shiny the film is. And it stays that way! This is the Turkish cream faux marble, chosen to compliment the existing back splash, which we did not change. It looks like this isn’t available any longer, but the Instant Riviera and other colors of faux granite are available here.

There were a bunch of other high-impact, low-cost changes that went into making this average kitchen into a showplace that buyers were willing to pay top dollar for, but hopefully I’ve done my job today and inspired you to re-look at some space in your home. Do you have questions for me?

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Kitchen redesigned staged sold with faux marble faux granite







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