How to Paint a Room Faster {HomeRight Giveaway}

How to Paint a Room Faster {HomeRight Giveaway}

Even when you’ve been painting forever, you can still learn a new trick or two. I’m always happy to share my secrets, like this new time-saver for how to paint a room. Did you know that winter is a great time to paint? Modern paints are low-VOC’s, so you can paint even with the windows closed. Paints dry quickly in low humidity, so it’s really a great time to paint up the inside of your home. And I’ve got a favorite new tool to help paint any room.

This little paintstick might not look like much, but it’s my new best friend. It’s the little brother of the PaintStick I told you about last year. The hard part, of course, was removing the wallpaper, but even that was made easier by a nifty little gadget that you’d have to fight me to part with.

how to edge a room quickly

There are three things to love about this Homeright QuickPainter:

  1. It is brilliant. I painted an entire wall, INCLUDING edging, in about 10 minutes. Holy Cow!
  2. The clean up is cake. This has been one of my favorite things about all HomeRight products.
  3. It is re-usable. There’s no throwing this baby in the landfill.

The magic, of course, is the paint that you draw into the handle. You release it very slowly as you need it. No more bend, dip, offload, brush. Bend, dip, offload, brush. Bend, dip, offload, brush. Now THIS is how to paint a room!

I could go on but, blah, blah, blah, at this point, I know what you are thinking…

HOLY COW, did she really paint AND EDGE that entire wall in about 10 minutes? All around the ceiling edge, the windows, door frames, and baseboard molding? I’ve got to get me one of those.

painted wall after wallpaper removal

No problem. I happen to have one, thanks to my awesome friends at HomeRight. Just enter here, and I’ll select a winner on February 29. (You knew this is a leap year, right? Might as well make that extra day work for us.)


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  1. Hi Darla…thanks for the tip! Painting is on my agenda for spring…maybe I should start sooner. Is this comment how I enter in your drawing for the Paintstick? Thanks!

  2. I really need to paint my son’s room and a half bath. Just read your article about removing wallpaper so that will be my first step. Can’t wait to paint! Hope to win this and get the job done faster!

  3. We just bought a second home and there are several projects we could use this item for, particularly a red accent wall that is driving me crazy!

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