Super Beautiful Organized Garage

Super Beautiful Organized Garage

I had the pleasure of finishing up this garage organizing project, and wanted to give you some inspiration.

super beautiful organized garage after (8)I am really not clever enough to have timed this post just before Father’s Day, but hey, if it gives you some ideas, even better.

The garage floor was sealed with one of the Rust-Oleum garage products.

A few red and white bins help contain the clutter and increase the cute factor.

organized garage after and sealed floor

You’ve seen me use this Organized Living system a million times. We left plenty of space on this rack to store the patio cushions during the winter. See through metal bins are perfect for storing- and seeing- sports equipment.

super beautiful organized garage after (8)

This is one of my favorite things. These grids are rock solid on the wall, secured at 6 points, while the hangers themselves are completely customizable for whatever gadgets and tools you need to store. Pretty cool.

garage after (5) for hanging tools

What else would you like to know about this gorgeous organized garage? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Wow!! That garage looks fabulous, where can I purchase the hanging grids that are used on the wall between the windows? Not easy to have a “cute” and functioning garage!


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