First of the Month Organizing Routines

First of the Month Organizing Routines

Happy first of the month! Each first of the month, I go through all these tiny organizing routines that I’ve never written down, but I thought I’d do a quickie post for you today. I guess I’ve got too much momentum from the 31 Days of Clutter-Free Living.

First of the Month Organizing Routines

Most importantly, I get to throw out my contacts and start with a new pair. Yay!

Here are some other things that may or may not get done to organize on the first of the month:

  • Filing papers from my kitchen counter into my filing system.
  • Change air filters. Clean humidifiers.
  • Clean the fridge (This is especially great to do the day before you go food shopping.)

First of the Month Organizing Routines-clean the fridge

  • Turn the physical calendar hanging in the kitchen and check for major upcoming events. Kittycat has been giving me daily countdown of days until her birthday.
  • If you send out greeting cards, check your Perpetual Birthday Calendar. (I don’t, hubby does.)
  • Clean makeup brushes.clean makeup brushes every first of the month
  • Treat my minivan to a car wash.
  • I don’t have a bulletin board, but if you do, now is a great time to give it a 2-minute makeover. Purge outdated items and straighten things that stay on the board.
  • Clean out my purse.

Then there are the ones I remind you about on Facebook each month. Are you following me there?

  • Check your Tickler file for upcoming To Do’s. (If you don’t have a Tickler File, you probably want to sign up for our Filing Freedom class.)

Filing Freedom and Paper organizing using FreedomFiler

  • Download your photos from cameras and phones, and delete obvious trash pictures.
  • Check your Carbonite or Backblaze backup, and your External Hard Drives to ensure they are working.

What else do you do on the first of the month to stay organized?



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