Thompsons WaterSeal Fabric Seal Review & Giveaway

Thompsons WaterSeal Fabric Seal Review & Giveaway

Last fall I found a product that I absolutely wanted to share with for your spring projects…Thompson’s  WaterSeal Fabric Seal.

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

We have a patio that we don’t use nearly as much as we’d like to because it isn’t covered, and the chair cushions get wet. We mostly bring the cushions inside, and drag them out only when we dine picnic-style. But that’s a chore, and who wants one more chore, right?

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

When I was at Haven conference last summer, I saw their demo and stopped dead in my tracks. Then I kind of badgered the Thompson’s rep until they sent me some to try.

  • Prevents Water Damage
  • Resists Color Fading (with UV protection)
  • Repels Spills and Stains

The directions say to do a water test first. If water soaks into your cushions and leaves a dark mark, then they need treatment. If water beads up, then you are probably ok for now. I checked two sets of my cushions.

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

After two applications on both sets…WE HAVE BEADING!

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing

It only took two cans to completely cover both sets of cushions. I may have done 3 coats, just to use up what was left in the can.

So this summer we can leave the cushions outside. Where they belong. Which is good because Bob, the neighborhood cat, has decided he likes the chairs better with the cushions.

fabric outdoor cushion waterproofing
You might be on the verge of investing in new patio cushions yourself. Thanks to the generosity of the Thompson’s folks, I have a couple of cans left over, and I want them to go to a good home.You might have trouble finding this is in stores this early (although I hear it is now at Lowes and on Amazon Thompsons Fabric Seal), but you can get yours here. If you could use this awesome idea over at your place, just enter the Rafflecopter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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22 Responses to Thompsons WaterSeal Fabric Seal Review & Giveaway

  1. Oh my gosh, I have the exact same patio set, white with blue cushions, and I drag out those cushion any time we want to be out on the deck. I think I use it less because of this. So now I know this will really work. I can’t wait to find this product in stores or win one in the rafflecopter giveaway. Wish me luck!

    • Try They have a number of companies offering. If ordering more than one can it may be less expensive to use one of the companies that has a lower price + shipping vs. the one with free shipping since the shipping cost for 2 cans is not double the shipping cost for one can for at least one of the companies, so a lower overall price if that makes sense (the price for the company with free shipping is almost double the price for a can by a couple of the other companies).

  2. I think I need a few cans of this stuff!! We’ve got a set of chairs & cushions on our front porch, and while it’s covered, it also gets a ton of direct weather due to the direction our home faces. Our current cushions are so dirty and faded, we’re probably replacing them this season, but I will absolutely treat a new set of cushions with this product, in hopes that they hold up better! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m sure this will help. You’ll have to let me know if it does. So funny, I was just thinking about two purple couches…not yours, but someone else’s. How many can there be, right?

  3. I live in WA so I trains all the time! I have thrown away many of seat cushions as I get tired of taking them Ina nd out! This would be so helpful to save my cushions!

  4. Yes I have thrown numerous cushions away and have bare and uncomfortable chairs because I got tired of wasting money. I will definitely try this.

  5. I have thrown away cushions. Sometimes they get moldy when they are rained on. I would be very happy to have a product to prevent that.

  6. I’ve thrown cushions away because they were faded and worn from the weather and also because the squirrels were tearing them apart for the stuffing inside for their nests. Maybe if they were sprayed with this first, that might have stopped them away from tearing them apart.

  7. Save my cushions!!! We’re debating getting a new set so we don’t have to deal with the back and forth of dragging them in & out of the shed! UGH.

  8. I’m totally getting some of this Thompsoms fabric AND water seal. I threw away several adarondac chairs last year along with needingto recover some lounge chairs. Could have saved myself a lot of time and money if I would have use Thompsons to begin with!

  9. I just bought all new cushions last year for our uncovered patio (and screened in porch which also gets wet when windy)and also drag them in and out for use. Hopefully this product would allow me to leave them out and as a result use our outdoor areas more frequently.

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