Desk Drawer Organizers from Recycled Boxes

Desk Drawer Organizers from Recycled Boxes

Getting your desk drawer organized is more simple than you think. I showed you how to wrap a shoebox a while back when we were organizing the sock drawer. I wasn’t kidding that my recycling bin has a lot less in it now, because I keep finding places to use this trick.

The real key is to keep your eye out for things to recycle into something pretty. Like this cream cheese box.

recycle to organize

After wrapping it with standard wrapping paper…

recycle to organize

I don’t know about you, but at our house, it would take no time to have a decent collection of these, suitable for outfitting every desk drawer and junk drawer in the house.

What recycles have you found that are good for organizing?

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  1. I have a basket right by where I open the mail. Recycle paper goes right in. Once a week or so, basket is emptied into a cardboard box in garage, ready for the curb on recycle day. Handling my mail this way is saving me lots of grief and stacks of paper.

  2. Baskets work great; so much is about convenience and location. I have one under my desk, upstairs, for quick recycling and then a once or twice a week trip to the garage big bin. That’s right outside my den door so when I read the paper or sort the mail at night, it’s a few feet away. Often the recycle mail is immediately recycled before touching a table.

  3. Bonbon

    With all the bits and pieces one collects while purging “office” supplies Pointing our where to store pins is a welcome tip. Thank you. I’ll Keep my eyes open for more out of the box ideas.

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