Time to Organize the Sock Drawer {S-P-A-C-E Organizing Formula}

Time to Organize the Sock Drawer {S-P-A-C-E Organizing Formula}

sock drawer organizingTime to organize the sock drawer. This is a small enough project to get through in just 30 minutes or less. There are only 5 steps, and they are the same, whether we’re organizing sock drawers, garages, time, or information. S-P-A-C-E

    • Sort
    • Purge
    • Arrange/Analyze
    • Containerize
    • Establish a Maintenance Plan
      • Adapted from Julie Morgenstern’s Organizing from the Inside Out

Sock Drawer Before:

How to organize a sock drawer

  • Don’t go shopping just yet. Start by removing everything and sorting into piles. You might have summer socks, dress socks, gym socks, and nylons.
  • Purge. Don’t think about it too hard. If you didn’t wear them in the last year, if they are worn through, if you are left with singles, or if the elastic is shot when you stretch them…eject them from the sock drawer! You can re-use as dusting cloths. If you have a large bag, then you can mark them in a bag as “recyclable” and send them off to a thrift store that recycles textiles.
  • Once you’ve sorted and purged, do your socks now fit comfortably in the same drawer? Do you need a smaller drawer? One that is more shallow? A larger space?
  • Containerizing means deciding what to put your things in. You can search for fancy organizing gadgets here, but I always prefer that you first use something you already have. I grabbed some small shoe boxes from my kiddos, and they fit perfectly. Some stacks went inside the boxes, and some went in the spaces between the boxes, Either way, they are now corralled. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to pretty up the boxes, like you see at the top of this article.

Organized Sock Drawer After:

how to organize sock drawer with boxes

  • Maintenance should be easy for socks. I mean, who wants to spend extra time with socks? If you are lucky enough to have a family member who helps with putting away the laundry, be sure to show them what your organized drawer looks like, and explain how socks should be put back. (By color, by function, how to fold them, etc.) Yes, it’s basic, but basic is good.
  • If you are not a normally organized person, and you are the one who puts your socks away, then maybe snap a picture now of the organized version of the drawer, and keep it in the drawer. You might even want to label the different areas so you can “remind yourself” through the labels where things should go.

Organized Sock Drawer- Pretty It Up

If you really want to take it to the next level, buy some drawer dividers or, better yet, use what you already have. Use shoe boxes wrapped in pretty paper to create the ultimate sock drawer.

Reward time. In another lifetime, I would follow in Michael Jordan’s sock-steps. He’s known never to wear a pair of socks twice. Since I don’t allow myself that kind of luxury, I do the next best thing, and wear really good quality socks. SmartWool are my favorite.

Have you found socks that are worth splurging for?

By the way, if you find brand new, never-worn socks that you are willing to part with from your drawer, please donate them to The Joy of Sox, This is a Philly-area charity that helps make homeless toes healthy & happy toes!

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