A Refreshed Home Office, with Washi Tape and #Giveaway

Let’s feature another home office transformation today. Hopefully you’ll pick up some inspiration here, and keep reading for a giveaway for the cute Washi tapes we used in this project.

Office Makeover and Washi Tape Giveaway


This is a guest room/office combo, like so many of us have. The homeowner has a lovely, colorful home, but she ran out of steam in this multiple-purpose space. Rather than have a cluttered catch-all, she was ready to add some style, but in keeping with her goal of living simply and using or re-using found treasures.

Here’s the before:


Office Makeover- before




The only items we purchased were a pair of low bookcases. The client wasn’t sure that they’d be enough to hold all of her books, but I knew they’d be just right. At just $10 each, these real wood shelves are as thrifty as they are sturdy. They are also just the right height to act as both a headboard and nightstand when the air bed is set up for guests.


Office Makeover bookshelves


Here’s where we have the first of three little projects with Washi tape from Downtown Tape, that tied it all together. Sometimes the little details are what make the largest difference. These bookshelves are plain jane, but we used Washi tape from Downtown Tape to glam them up just a bit. The effect is not unlike fancy wood inlays that can cost you big bucks.


washi tape





The lampshade was another easy project. Using a “found” shade and two different tones of Washi tape, we now have a lamp that compliments the other style and colors in the room.


lampshade collage with Washi Tape


The last little change was a little labeling. You might have seen my post earlier about just using Washi tape to “label” your phone charger, but here we did add labels right on top of the Washi tape. I love how we used different colors for each drawer, which is great for visual learners, but they all still coordinate.



Here’s the batch that I started with. Aren’t they cute???


Washi Tape giveaway from Downtown Tape





Ready for the big reveal? Here’s the office today.

after-office makeover with Downtown Tape-r


OK, now it’s your turn. There are several easy ways to enter the giveaway for your choice of 10 rolls of your very own Washi tape from Downtown Tape. Good luck, and let me know what you would perk up with these cuties! You can get lots and lots of inspiration for crafts and gifts over at www.DowntownTape.com.
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By the way, I did receive 10 rolls of tape to review. As always, I’m giving you the straight scoop on products I get to play with.


28 Responses to A Refreshed Home Office, with Washi Tape and #Giveaway

    • Library, of course! These washi tapes are such a great little accent to spruce up binder spines. You can also use them to customize journals and other gifts for readers.

    • Jessica, now is the best time to organize your basement! Not only is it 10 degrees cooler down there, so you can beat the heat, but an organized basement causes less stress if you do get water down there during the summer storms.

    • Heather, you’ve got to head over to my FB page and post some of the things you’ve done with Washi tape. Once you start, you see possibilities everywhere, right?

    • Ooh, spray painting the cabinet bright white and then using washi tape to dress up the drawers would be so sweet! (White contact paper if you can’t unload and move it for painting.)

  1. Your lampshade makeover is so cute! I love what a difference you can make with so little effort, with washi tape!

    I’m in the middle of a huge redecorating right now…once all of the painting is done, I’m sure I could find lots of uses for washi tape in decorating. Starting with prettying up my cheap bookshelves, I think.

    • Good luck with finishing the painting. That’s a great idea, using Washi tape to pretty up shelves. They would be the perfect size to edge the shelf fronts!

  2. I’ve been thinking of using washi tape to make a design across a wall in the mudroom because it needs color but could be changed if we want to re-decorate!

    • We were considering doing the same thing in the project above. Maybe wrapping a large frame with Washi Tape to add color. We might still do that. Please post a picture on FB if you do!

  3. I could use the washi tape in so many areas and for so many things. My dining room needs a facelift so I’d probably start there! Hope I’m the lucky winner!!

    • They might be better for things that get a little less wear. But once you have them, you might find yourself giving everything a mini-makeover!

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