Spring Cleaning Holiday Cards

It’s March, and we’re thinking flowers and baby chicks.  But you might still have a stack of holiday cards lurking on your counter.  Ready to deal with them?  Watch this video to get some ideas on how to organize, re-use, and recycle those cards, so you’re not still looking at the cards from last Christmas when next Christmas rolls around.

Is the embedded video not playing for you?  Click here: http://youtu.be/8eT_lQsCD_Q


What else do you recommend doing with your holiday cards?

5 Responses to Spring Cleaning Holiday Cards

  1. Good info. After 6 moves in 10 years I have gotten pretty good at this one!! Packing, moving, unpacking – old cards do not need to add to the stress.

  2. Love the cut out the cards idea! I’m so bad when it comes to throwing away cards. I just recently started tossing them in the garbage. I literally kept birthday cards from when I was 8…

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