Store and Organize Multiple iPads: Get Your Gear In Order

Store and Organize Multiple iPads: Get Your Gear In Order

Do your gadgets make you crazy? Cords all over your counters? Here are ideas to organize that electronic mess.

ipad organizer

Like many families, we’ve recently gotten many more new iPads, Kindles and phones, but all that convenience does cause a lot of clutter.  This is what it looked like when my parents came to visit, and this is the norm in many households. That’s two ipads, two kindles, and three or four phones. That’s a lot of cords and plugs taking up a lot of real estate on the kitchen counter.

how to organize ipads and kindles


You could shell out some serious coin for organizers.  Check out the for $150. has more ideas.

I like the look of this bamboo charging stand, and the price is good, too, at only $35, but it’s backordered when I last checked.

What started out to be a fun little project to find a better way to organize became a clear necessity when I noticed the damage done to come of the charger cords by the felines of the house.

ipad organizers

Really, these little guys are murder.

multiple tablet organizer

So I started with one of my favorite little kitchen products, a letter organizer that you can find at many decor stores, like HomeGoods and TJMaxx.

ipad organizer

Made just a few little adjustments…

ipad organizer

Screwed on a short extension cord, and carefully arranged all the gadget plugs…

multiple tablet organizerAnd ended up with a really nice, safe place to stash all the gear.

multiple table organizer

Is getting your counters and desk clutter contained on your wish list for 2013? 












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    • Isn’t it amazing? Just a few years ago, there’s no way our gadgets would have fit in something like this. Now they are as small as a pad of paper! And yes, I get the high you feel from purging old coupons, I really do.

    • Jeanine, I’m starting to wonder if I should manufacture these! Yes, I have seen these envelope sorters in white lack, brown, grey, and sometimes in colors. Keep an eye on your local JT Maxx.

  1. LOVE this!!! I’ll be on the lookout for one of these at TJMaxx. I’ve seen these there lots of times, but now that I want to buy one…

  2. I cannot find the envelope sorter/letter organizer at TJ Maxx. Maybe that’s not what it’s called. Any suggestions on finding it? Can you provide a link? I want to set this up for my home … it’s a great idea. Thanks!

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