Home Office Bookcase Makeover and Pull-Out Desk Super Powers {Decorator’s Home Office Makeover}

Home Office Bookcase Makeover and Pull-Out Desk Super Powers {Decorator’s Home Office Makeover}


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The bookcase makeover in my recent home office makeover that I’ve been showing you is absolutely one of my favorite parts of the makeover because this is where I reveal that I have super powers.

My super power is invisibility.

The best part of my bookcase is invisible most of the time. But if you look closely, you can just make out where two more people can be working here because my bookcase hides two pull-out desks.

Before I show you how I made these, let me take you back to what it looked like before the redesign. Yes, it really was that bad.

I designed these desks by adding horizontal slides on the top surface of the bookcase bases.

A desk surface (shelf cut to size) went on top of these. The first storage shelf is elevated just above the sliding desk.

Everything is painted the same color, so it all blends in. When my assistant is in the office, we each have a space to work.

Other Great Home Office BookCase Makeover Ideas

Other favorite features of my rockin’ bookcase makeover are the added shelving in the middle section, allowing me to stack paper, forms and folders right where I need them. It was no problem to have new shelves cut at my favorite local hardware store.

The white cardboard boxes are sold as photo storage boxes, but I use them to stash everything that would otherwise look all higgeldy-piggeldy if it had to sit out on the shelves.

You’ve seen my little mason jars before. For this makeover, I just sprayed the tops white and filled them with white or colored paperclips and binder clips.  Note to self: need to order more.

I almost tore out the entire bookcase just because of the scroll trim at the very top. It turns out, it wasn’t the scroll pattern that I hated so much, but the disorganized look. Now that the case is painted a soft grey, the scroll pattern fits with the more feminine touches in the room. It’s amazing how some things enhance a design and some thing become invisible when the right color scheme is in place.


So what do you think of this bookcase makeover? And what super powers do you have?


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  1. Hi Darla,

    Your office is beautiful! White/light colored paint really brightens up the space (also in a kitchen redo you showed recently). I love the slide out shelves.


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