Eight Things I Hate About My Parents’ House

Eight Things I Hate About My Parents’ House

My parents built a new house after I graduated high school, so when I go to visit, it’s not really going home. This post is no comment on the house itself, which is lovely, or their taste, which is great (must be genetic). It’s just a fact that whenever you take on a big home project, there are always things you could change. Here are my top picks for improving this house, always in hopes that it will help others.

1. Doors in contention. What is it with builders that they don’t see this on paper? On the upside, this is a cheap burglar trap, since you can’t open the outside door if the bifold is open.


2. Doors that should be sliders. Retrofitting older homes with sliders is a challenge, but this was a new build, and this closet door should clearly be a pocket door.

3. Lack of counter space. This kitchen has a lot of counter space, but it is very choppy. I always have to clear the counter before helping with meal prep, and it’s not a clutter issue. There’s just no space. This could have been avoided by putting the pantry (left in the photo) over by the stove or over in the space that a closet now occupies. Another 24 inches of counter space can buy you a BUNCH of prep space, and the room for another body in the kitchen. Ah, well, that tight space meant I couldn’t spend my vacation in their kitchen. My loss.

4. Too much light. Yeah, weird, I know. What I really mean is that the light comes in through the mini blinds, leaving the guests (that would be me and my chitlins) up late and up early. I think I took this picture after 8 pm. Mom graciously addressed that by buying some blackout curtain panels before this latest visit. Thanks, Mom.

5. Too much sound. This is a touchy one. My dad really loves his TV. AND the surround sound, with the speakers hung on the wall immediately above the door to the guest room. That would be the guest room where the grandkids sleep. Or don’t sleep. 355 days this year, that’s not an issue. But for two weeks this year, we had to make a choice- watch TV with misbehaving toddlers late at night, or go to sleep when they did. Not sure this issue can be fixed without adding some sort of hallway. I hate hallways, so that wouldn’t be a real solution.

6. Short showers. Really, could the builder spare fifteen bucks to buy a taller shower surround or tile up to the ceiling? Drywall around showers, even if it is green board, does…not…make…sense. I leave water drip marks each time I wash my hair.  Sorry.

7. Cat to person ratio. In general, I think the cat to person ratio is always too low. We only had 3 cats to entertain the 6 of us. But since my little one looks like she’s allergic to cats, fewer cats turned out to be about right.

8. Location. Really, I think their house is lovely. The main problem with their location is that it is too far from us. Thanks for the good times at GrandCamp this year.


Disclaimer:  My parents ok’d this post, and no cats were harmed in its production.  My dad wanted you all to know that “comedien” isn’t in my job description.  I think we already knew that.

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  1. Thought of this blog post when our contractor asked us how high up to tile the shower walls. Having just read this, I insisted he tile to the ceiling. Wish I could post an “after” shot for you to see.

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