Phones Don’t Belong in the Refrigerator

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?  File this one under “real life”.  People think that just because I’m a certified professional organizer (R), I don’t have the same challenges as everyone else.

Just this afternoon I thought to myself, “…and that’s how people lose things, just that quickly!”  I was on the phone, rummaging in the fridge when I found I needed a third hand.  About that time I hung up with my caller, so I temporarily laid the phone down to grab the things I needed out of the fridge.  Turning back to the counter, I was already thinking of what I needed to get done in my office.   This is such a simplified case of multitasking, it’s not even funny.  Routinely as I work at my desk, I might have between 6 and 10 things in front of me, as I wait for someone to return a call, a website to come up on my computer, or set aside a note that reminds me to finish something vaguely related to my current task.

phone in the fridge
Phones Don’t Belong in the Refrigerator

So, none of us is perfect.  And despite what you see in magazines, none of us is perfectly organized.  So here’s to doing one thing at a time, doing it really well, and not losing track of the phone in the process.

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